our story


Rebel Art School was an idea that grew from a dream one night many many moons ago and has since transformed into the creative endeavor of Alexandra Harrison. Alex received her BFA in Studio Arts with a minor in Art History from San Diego State University in 2007. For the last nine years, she has worked as an art teacher for children and adults around the San Francisco Bay Area, a freelance artist, and a floral designer. Having grown up in Walnut Creek, Alex could not be more excited about opening the doors to Rebel Art School to teach classes in her hometown.

Over the years Alex has observed that as we grow up we are taught to follow directions, obey the rules, and color within the lines. We are given boundaries. All of these rules and boundaries serve a purpose; to maintain order in an ever growing society. However, within these confines we lose innovation and creativity.

Rebel Art School aims to embrace the rule followers, the rebels, as well as those in between and create a safe and supportive environment that enables each person to express themselves through art making. By giving both traditional and inventive tools, and showing classical alongside contemporary techniques we open the door to creativity and imagination. At Rebel Art School there is no right or wrong way to make art, and mistakes are merely happy accidents that allow us to discover new ideas, problem solve, and think outside the box.